(N)ano (F)act (T)ime – A quick foray into NFT-land

Claude_Debussy 2
Claude, the Bus and NFT.

This episode of (N)(F)(T) finds us creating an account on NFT creation site OpenSea and subsequently creating and releasing into the wild a lovely picture of… A bus. Yes, a bus. My bus, in fact. Sometimes called Claude. But we’re not really here to discuss Claude. We are here to discuss NFTs.

So it’s just after midnight and I’ve decided to begin to play with the idea of creating NFTs as a motivation to increase my drawing output.

The above sentence has words. You, like me, know what they mean. But what meaning do they have in the order they’ve been arranged?

Or, more precisely, what is an NFT and, perhaps more importantly, I draw?

NFTs are Non Fungible Tokens. There’s a thing called google – it will do a far better job of explaining what these things are than I.

And yes, apparently, I draw. I’ve dabbled with drawing since I was a much smaller human but only picked up the pen once again with any regularity after I discovered an iPad on my front stoop about a year ago. That would be the beginning of COVID times to you and me.

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