Daniel is a director of photography for fiction films, commercials and documentaries as well as a technology entrenched life-long geek. He is the co-founder, with Walter Groteke, of NetWolves Technologies. He has worked extensively in the amazingly similar fields of internet security and narrative filmmaking.

His most recent film, shot in January of 2013 in the wilds of kansas, is Occupying Ed, written by the delightfully talented Jim Beard and directed by the indefatigable Steve Balderson. In 2011 he shot the feature film Anatomy of the Tide, written and directed by Maine's own Joel Strunk.

He is also the cinematographer for the web-series Tuberville, shot on a potato farm in the beautiful wilds of Vermont and directed by the marvelous Anelisa Garfunkel.

Daniel is a partner in the sustainable film production company goodfocus, and also in the indie feature production company, General Films, LLC. He is also a proud member of the film faculty at Maine Media Workshops in the beautifully lit town of Rockport, Maine.